Why I'm running for City Council

Dear Friends, 

As many of you know, one week ago today, I mercifully walked away from a major car crash. That experience forced me to rethink my priorities. 

This much became crystal clear: I deeply love my family, my students, and my community, and I am prepared to double down on my life’s work of fighting for their rights and their future. 

On Wednesday, a report released from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reminded us all how perilous that future may be. But it also revealed the opportunity still remaining to turn the tide against suffering and economic devastation. 

On Thursday, my local LA City Council Member Mitch Englander announced his intention to resign at the end of the year. 

With the convergence of these events, and the requests of numerous residents of my community, I have decided to run for Council District 12’s open City Council seat.

I plan to continue my work of bringing justice to the people of the Northwest valley. Our community has weathered the Aliso Canyon gas blowout and the repeated failure of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory cleanup. Our streets and our schools are crowded, our infrastructure isn’t keeping pace with our needs, and we lack affordable housing. 

We deserve responsive representation from a local community member devoted to the needs of residents. We deserve an innovator who will apply creative problem-solving to our homelessness crisis and our bloated bureaucracy. We deserve a leader who will push for the health and safety of those affected by nearby dangerous facilities. And we deserve a Councilwoman with a vision for a resilient Los Angeles leading the way on the solutions our society needs to thrive.