LA Times article highlights Loraine's stance on the issues

In the new year, the CD12 race is in full swing. The City officially set the election date for June 4, 2019 and has authorized candidates to begin fundraising. Loraine filed her paperwork on January 2nd and has been making calls to build up the funds to mobilize voters in this special election. The LA Times has an article about the different candidates running in this election. While all the candidates have some of the same priority issues, the article highlights one of the ideas that distinguishes Loraine from the pack – her focus on economic, social, and environmental justice. Read the article here.

“This was a case where I saw the impact of fossil fuels right in my backyard, impacting my community and my neighbors and their health,” said Lundquist, who cited climate change as her top issue. Lundquist said she was deeply frustrated that years later, the city did not have adequate analyses or a “credible emergency plan.”